Value Engineering Analysis

We provide comprehensive value engineering studies and investigate materials, methods, and equipment to create savings and avoid unnecessary expenditures.  We view value engineering as a systematic approach to obtaining value for every dollar spent on a project. Teamwork is critical to this effort.   The process is most effective when representatives from the entire Project Team – the Client, the Architect/Engineering team, and Byrne - work together to achieve the goal of reducing costs without sacrificing value or scope. 

Working with the Architect and Owner at the onset of the design process helps us achieve the best value. Together, we establish goals and generate ideas for consideration. Byrne assigns a value to each idea and creates a Value Engineering Log with “Accepted”, “Not Accepted” and “Under Review” categories.  We include “Accepted” items in the contract documents, discard the “Not Accepted” items, and place “Under Review” items as bid alternates until a final decision is made.